Weapon Icon Stone Staff
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Primary Attack
Mana Cost 0
Effect Hit multiple enemies at range
Secondary Attack
Effect Stones an enemy

The Stone Staff is a weapon in Orcs Must Die! 2, available with the Family Ties DLC. Its primary ranged attack deals damage to multiple enemies in a straight line. Its secondary attack temporarily turns nearby enemies into stone.

Despite the text in the infobox, multiple enemies can be stoned with a single attack.

Stone Effect

The area affected by the secondary attack is fan-shaped, oriented in the current direction the player is facing, and extending outwards to a certain radius.

Stoned enemies will immediately stop moving and appear grey. Flyers will fall to the ground and break apart. All other enemies will resume normal capabilities after approximately 6 seconds.


  • Level 1 - Enemies stay stoned longer - 2 Skull
  • Level 2 - Enemies stay stoned longer - 6 Skull
  • Level 3 - Enemies stay stoned longer - 13 Skull
  • Unique 1 - Primary attack deals more damage to stoned enemies - 5 Skull
  • Unique 2 - Secondary attack has a larger area of effect - 5 Skull

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