Icon The Order Swinging Mace
Weapon Swinging Mace
Placement Ceiling
Cost 1500 Coin
Upgrade 16 Skull
Damage 500 (Impact)
Effect Flinches target

The Swinging Mace is a ceiling placed Trap in Orcs Must Die! It is introduced on The Library, level 16. It swings back and forth, with a short reset time in between swings, dealing high damage to anything caught within range during a swing. The upgraded version has a shorter reset time.


The mace (especially the clockwork mace) works extremely well when placed on a low ceiling with tar pits underneath it. Utilizing the mace in this fashion ensures that very few orcs (approximately one-in-fifty) will get past it, and these can then be easily finished-off by smaller, cheaper traps such as arrow walls. There are suitable choke-points on almost every level to facilitate this strategy. Two asymmetrically-timed swinging maces in a row (one placed directly behind the other) with a row of tar pits beneath each is a particularly effective setup. Another good strategy is to place a Decoy behind the mace's area of effect, or between two maces. That will make the enemies stop walking to attack the Decoy, and then the mace will kill them. 

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