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Temper is a playable character in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. He needs to be unlocked either through the shop or a card pack(tiny chance). He uses dual smith hammers which he can also throw for the same amount damage and to disable traps temporarily, the rage ability also affects thrown hammers.



  • Sunder Armor (passive) - Tempers attacks(including thrown hammers) reduce all types of armor on his targets for a short time. the effect stacks, so the more Temper hits a target the more it's armors are reduced
  • Mad Cow - Temper charges ahead knocking all minions out of his path. If Temper hits a hero he stops and gores the hero, sending him/her/it flying and adding a bleeding effect. Any satyrs nearby gain full trap immunity for a short time.
  • Rage and Regret - Temper goes into a rage, gaining a large boost to attack and movement speed. In his rage, all attacks become fire based. When rage ends, Temper is in Regret slowing his attack and move speed temporarily.


"A century ago, a deadly bovine plague ravaged the minotaur species. The last remnants were taken in and sheltered by Order mages. The survivors are a hardy group, excellent warriors, and highly attuned to the magic of the rifts.

Temper, as he is called, was orphaned as an infant then adopted by an Order mage. When he was a young bull of only four, a tantrum over a misplaced toy resulted in the fiery destruction of the mage's workshop and four surrounding city blocks. Instead of tossing the minotaur out on the street, the mage continued to tutor the furious youth whose extreme emotional swings could somehow channel the power of the rifts into destructive energy.

Throughout his childhood, Temper struggled to keep his emotions in check. As a teenager, he found the simple, repetitive work of blacksmithing offered temporary relief. Pounding swords and shields into shape focused Temper's mind and caged the beast inside.

When orcs killed the mage that raised him, Temper flew into a rage. Over three hundred orcs died that day - many to the minotaur's hammer, but some to crumbling masonry and some to chaotic bursts of magical flame. Temper had been unleashed.

Today, Temper serves as the newly-reformed Order's chief blacksmith, and has learned how to control his fury.

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