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Minimap The Fork
The Fork is the second level in Orcs Must Die! It has two entry Doors. On this level you are given the Arrow Wall trap.


The level consists of 4 waves. You start with 2,400 gold and are given 600 gold each wave, with 1,800 gold for the final wave.


Left Door Right Door
Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 3
Wave 4

Walkthrough (Nightmare)

Wind belt, Spring traps and the ice pool are the strategy in short. Your goal is to put everyone in the ice pool. Applies for Nightmare, and probably War Mage difficulties, if you have unlocked the weaver and traps.

Fork strategy



Steel Weaver. Take the right side of the tree


Wave 1

Setup 3 barricades at the junction of the fork. The goal is to extend the main single hallway's choke point up to one trap's width from the ice pool so that all the orcs will funnel past the railing to the ice pool. Wait for groups of at least 3 to get in the choke point and use the wind belt to push them into the ice pool. If someone gets caught on the railing use the cross bow. Allow time for your wind belt to recharge between gusts. Choose steel weaver as your muse.

Wave 2

Place the 4th barricade to finish the choke point. Add one flip trap off center to either side next to the railing. This will flip enemies into the drink since they will be forced between the railing and barricade over the flip trap. Proceed with the same wind belt strategy.

Wave 3

Add another flip trap next to the railing off center on the other side to flip into the ice pool for enemies coming from the other gate. Place two more flip traps between the 4 barricades heading toward the portal. These will flip into the ice pool as well. Upgrade the first level in steel weaver. More wind belt clean up. Wait for orcs to proceed to the portal most flip trap before starting your gusting.

Wave 4

Add a 5th flip trap in line with the last 2 placed in the previous wave, again to flip into the ice pool. Upgrade steel weaver to the Oiled Trapps (faster reset) and the Overcoiled springs (physics trap for ogres). In combat hang back and watch out for the Gnoll Hunter. Burn him with the fire ring. The choke point should be pretty self sufficient and will take care of the ogres as well

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