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Trinkets are items in Orcs Must Die! 2. They are available from the Spellbook and each of them grants an active and a passive bonus when equipped to the skill-bar.

Overview of trinkets

Passive Active Cooldown Unlocking
Berserker Trinket Deal bonus damage when low on health Sacrifice health 10 Skull
Defense Trinket Increases health capacity Shield from damage 5 Skull
Freedom Trinket Grants immunity to stun Break allies out of stun, gives them stun immunity for 6 sec 7 Skull
Healing Trinket Regenerate health Heal yourself and your ally (costs mana) Tunnels
Mana Rage Trinket 35% increased mana capacity Fast mana regeneration 16 Skull
Rift Defender Trinket Increases rift points by 5 Stun all mobs for 10 seconds 13 Skull
Scavenger Trinket All enemies have a chance of dropping coins All enemies are worth more coin 9 Skull
Trap Reset Trinket Traps reset 10% faster Reset all traps for a mana cost 60 sec 11 Skull
Jar of Ghosts Fear enemies that hit player Creates a special fear image Family Ties DLC
Guardian Trinket Slowly regenerates your Guardians' health Bring fallen Guardians back to life Are We There Yeti? DLC

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