Tundra. Polar Bear, new hero from Expansion Patch 1.4 released 28.8.2014 (4.9.2014 in EU)

  • Passive ability: Deflection: Ignores the next root, stun, or slow applied to him. Has a long cooldown
  • Primary Attack: Cold Srike: A meeele attack with Tundra's stuff that does frost damage
  • Secondary Attack: Icicles: Tundra conjures icicles to shoot at enemies. The attack cost no mana to use
  • Primary Ability: Winter: A toogle, that while active locks Tundra in place and creates a blizzard around him. Enemies inside take Frost damage, and non-frost traps in the area stop working
  • Secondary Ability: Mark: Applies a mark to a friendly Grizzly that makes it go berserk. Attack damage and moveement speed are incerased permanently. Applying the mark heals the target.


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