Twisted Halls

Twisted Halls is the fifteenth and final level in Orcs Must Die! 2. Upon its completion, Feather Fall is awarded for the Sorceress, Double Jump for the War Mage. Nightmare Mode is unlocked, and the Classic Order skin is awarded.

Minimap Twisted Halls 01

Minimap Twisted Halls 02

Level Description


  • Entrance Doors: 4
  • Flyer Entrances: 2
  • Exit Rifts: 2
  • Waves: 12
  • Rift Points: 30 (Nightmare: 15)
  • Completion Time (par): 16:30
  • Starting Money: 10000Coin



  • Healing Potion: 2
  • Mana Potion: 2
  • Skull: 4


  • On War Mage difficulty (and Nightmare solo) there are no Kobold Sappers. If you are playing solo, it may be advantageous to build a diagonal (southwest-northeast) Barricade wall at the base of one of the stairs, thus forcing enemies from the corresponding entrances to go around the entire loop to reach the stairs. You can then concentrate your firepower on the other side of the level.


Achievement Restoring Order Restoring Order
Complete campaign, Act 2
Achievement Im So Awesome I'm So Awesome
Complete campaign, Act 2 Nightmare
Achievement Friends Till The End Friends 'Till the End
Complete Twisted Halls in co-op


Preparation Track :Lover's Quarrel

Battle Track :Ludvig Von Bad Bottom