Dear Wikians,

I am about to request adoption for Orcs Must Die! Wiki. At the time of the writing, Special:ListUsers/sysop indicates that there are no administrators at all. From my experience as administrator at The Elder Scrolls Wiki I can tell that there are many Wikia-features, which are only configurable by administrators, that are not used. Having these features can help growing a solid Orcs Must Die!-community.

Goals to achieve

  • Adding infoboxes to all mobs and Traps to provide clear and detailed information to users.
  • Making sure all level-pages have general information, as well as wave information and maps.
  • Categorizing pages and categories, to make a clear, solid structure that visitors can browse through and depend on.
  • Improving the Main Page, making it a powerful tool to guide new users that are here to seek information about Orcs Must Die!. This page should be as clear as possible so users without any wiki-experience should be able to find what they are looking for. If not, we lost a visitor that probably won't return.
  • Expanding the wiki-staff according to the growth of the wiki.
  • Having a strong backbone of information by the time Orcs Must Die! will enter the next Steam-deal (I have a strong feeling there will be more sales of this popular bargain): More people buying Orcs Must Die! means more visitors. We should provide the information these users are looking for.
  • Using our newly laid foundation to build towards Orcs Must Die! 2.
  • Assuring democracy.

My recent work on this wiki

  • Making infobox templates for use on mobs and Traps-pages. I extracted the game files and am using those as reference material. This way I can provide very detailed information about mob health, weaknesses and all sorts of other things.
  • Providing (layered) maps and wave-information for levels. Again, I am using the source material for this. It enables me to provide the exact number of mobs that appear in waves, without having to count it myself.
  • Categorizing articles and images, as well as making a category-tree.
  • Giving a new lay-out to the Main Page.
  • Providing high-quality images.

If you want any help on extracting/understanding the game files, visit my talk page.

About me

Hi, I am Michael and I'm a Dutch member of the International Volunteering Team and Vanguard. If you see me around editing stuff in English, then I'm probably here out of interest of the topic. When I'm not helping out people on Dutch communities, you can probably find me hanging out at The Elder Scrolls Wiki where I'm a regular.

You will often catch me fixing templates or doing other back-end maintenance that is not directly visible to most editors. If you have any tables/templates/technical questions, I can probably help you out.

Feel free to contact me any time on TESWiki, Community Central or even right here.

Hoi, Ik ben Michael en ik ben een Nederlands lid van het Internationaal Vrijwilligersteam (IVT) en een lid van het Vanguard-team. Je kunt bij mij terecht met alle vragen over Wikia, van het ontwerpen van thema's tot het maken van tabellen. Je zult me meestal vinden op The Elder Scrolls Wiki.

Vaak ben ik dan aan het werk aan sjablonen of achtergrondtaken, dingen die vaak niet direct zichtbaar zijn aan de buitenkant.

Als je hulp nodig hebt kun je me bereiken op mijn Nederlandstalige prikbord, of zoek me op in de Elder Scrolls chat box.


Why this blog

Wikia requires users to announce this to the community at least a week before requesting adoption. This way the community will be given the time to comment on this subject. This blog is featured on the Main Page in clear visibility, making sure everyone can read this. Wikia will evaluate the comments on this blog, so feel free to make any.

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