The release of Orcs Must Die! 2 is around the corner. With it comes a lot of new content that has to be added to the wiki. Orcs Must Die! Wiki needs you!

How to help

  • There is a dire need for images such as mob pictures or overview shots of levels.
    • For these screenshots, try to achieve the highest possible resolution and the best quality available. While the Steam screenshot functionality is pretty convenient for this job, it does not offer the best quality pictures. Those images suffer from blurred edges. Using the Print Screen key on your keyboard and editing the picture in the GIMP provides good quality and transparency when saved in PNG-format. Search for spots with the best lighting and crop images in a way only the enemy or trap the screenshot is about is visible. Avoid elements of the user interface such as the cross-hair.
  • Provide the most accurate wave information as possible.

Here are some tips that can help out when adding content:

  • Focus on facts. For the people that understand XML: Use the source, Luke!
  • All things that appear in both games should be placed in the same article, separated by headers.
  • You can use these articles as example pages.

More can be found on the help and policy pages.

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