Icon The Mob Yeti
YetiTough; hurls ice at range; enrages when damaged
Multiplier Burning x 30.0
Piercing x 0.80
Fire x 3.0
Ice x 0.2

The Yeti, introduced in the Are We There Yeti? DLC, is a moderately tough enemy that occasionally throws snowballs at the player. It is very susceptible to flame attacks, such as those made with the Flame Bracers. When brought to half health, the Yeti will enter an enraged state. When enraged the Yeti's eyes and skin will turn red, and the Yeti will no longer throw snowballs, instead enraged Yetis will actively hunt down the player and Guardians, similar to Gnoll Hunters.


  • Snowballs deal chill damage and thus will slow the player on impact.
  • The snowballs can be deflected by the Wind Belt's primary attack.

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